Download Xender for Laptop Without Bluestacks – 100% Working

Xender for laptopXender is a file sharing application which is developed for Android. This app has revolutionized the whole file sharing method for phones. Typically the only method that was available to share files between different phones were Bluetooth. but everybody is aware of the fact that Bluetooth takes a hell lot of time to share files. And one can’t even imagine sharing GBs of data over the Bluetooth connection. But xender is totally different. Xender uses the WiFi hotspot to connect two different devices, irrespective of its operating system and share the files within seconds. you can share huge games or movies through Xender in some minutes.

xender app for laptop

Xender for Laptop Without Bluestacks

Xender is typically an Android application. its not officially available for PC, but still we had already shared a method to download Xender for PC, But there were many reports saying bluestacks software is very heavy and may time gets crashed while using it. So we have decided to post a tutorial on How to install Xender on laptop without Bluestacks. read the full step by step tutorial below to learn it.

Required files :

  • Youwave Android Emulator ; Download it from official website by searching on And we are choosing Youwave to install Xender, because this has got very nice reviews. And its a light weight software on which you can rely on.
  • Xender Apk

Steps To perform :

Step 1 : Download and install youwave on your laptop; Installing may take some time, So wait patiently till the process is over and ready to be used.

Step 2 : Download the APK File of Xender, and put in into the following directory of your Windows Laptop.  “C:\Users\[user-name]\YouWave” Copying the APK file to this destination will automatically install the application into your Android emulator

Step 4 :  Now, Switch on the Android emulator, And you will be able to find the application in your app drawer. Open it and start using Xender on Laptop.


Hope you have learnt the process to Download Xender for laptop without Bluestacks application. If you still have any doubt or problem with using this awesome app on your PC, then don’t forget to post your questions as a comment through the comment form given below. We will try to Reply and solve your queries as soon as possible. And Don’t forget to Like Facebook page of Xender.

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