How to Transfer Files Between Android and iPhone with Xender

Android And iPhones (IOS) are two the most used platform in the world. Its famous around the world due to its smooth features, and their apps. But as they both are totally different, before there was no way to transfer files between android and iPhone. But now, The time has changed. App developers have made it possible to transfer files between Android and IOS. And one of the way is through Xender. This blog post will be all about the tutorial on how to transfer files using Xender between android and IOS.

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Transfer files between IOS and Android

File transfer between IOS and Android has been one of the most disappointing fact for the users of these smart phones, as iPhone doesn’t even support bluetooth. And so there is no wireless method to transfer files were left. But the Xender has made it possible by using the Wifi hostpot facility. As all the smart phones has wifi feature, we can say that Xender is an versatile method to share any data without wires. Below are the steps to Share files through Xender. You can share files of any type through this app, Like Videos, Images, Audios etc.

Steps to Transfer Files through Xender

Step 1 : First of all, Install Xender on Both the devices between which you want to share the files. You can download the app using Xender Download links Given in our website.

Step 2 : Open the application from app drawer in both the Devices. When you open Xender for first time, it will ask your name and to create a avatar for your profile. Finish all the process and get to the dashboard of Xender, Which should look something like the image below.

Xender app Dashboard

Step 3 :  On both of the devices, Click on the Orange color button with a rocket symbol on it. Which is located at the right side bottom in the image above.

Step 4 : After you click on it, you will get two options like in the below image. Click on “Send” on the device from which you wish to send the file, and select Receive on the device in which you want to receive the file.

Transfer files from android to IOS

Step 5 : Now you both with be shown the name of Devices which are available to be connected. Now you must select each others device, to make a connection between them.

Step 6 : By now, you should have got Your devices connected to each other. Now on the device in which you selected “Send”, Choose the file you want to send from the App dash board.

Step 7 : Now after the file is been selected and a tick is shown on the icon of the file, Shake your phone or click on send option to send the file to the receiving device.

That is it ! You have just succeeded in sending file from Android to IOS through Xender App. this is the most efficient method to share files between these devices.


To share files between Android and IOS, Sharing them through Xender is the most efficient way. You can finish the task of transferring files in just a matter of seconds.

We hope that, You must have understood the whole process by now, If you face any problem in Xender, Or any doubt about it, You can leave them here in the comments section. We will be glad to help you out.

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